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After Home Inspection is Complete

What to expect after the home inspection is complete

Hopefully, thehome inspection went well and there were no major red flags regarding the house. Last week we gave some input into what to do if there were issues discovered. But, let us assume that there were not and that you have ordered your home insurance quote.  And, your lender has started your loan approval process. This is when things are really going to start to move and it is important that you stay on top of everything. The escrow period, while seeming like a long time, will fly by. It is imperative that you make yourself available the entire time to your agent and lender. In other words, please do not start the process and then go on vacation.

A good lender will try to get everything needed to finish your loan upfront, but upon loan approval there are typically items that they will ask for in addition to help qualify you for the loan. Remember, they are investing in you and your home and want to ensure their investment is safe. Don’t be surprised by additional questions asked or additional items required. Just ensure you are able to get them what they need as soon as you can. Once you get the loan clear-to-close (all lender conditions satisfied), make sure to compare your final mortgage proposal to the loan estimate provided at the beginning. Keep in mind, sometimes things can change during the process. So, use your loan officer as resource for any questions you have. Next stop, the closing table!!!

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