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Loan Closing Process

What o Expect During the Loan Closing Process

Now that everything has come together for the day of purchase, let’s make sure we have all our ducks in a row.  One thing I tell all my clients is to be prepared. Know the location of the place where you are signing your final loan documents and try to get there a little early, if possible.

Next, make sure you have your accurate funds to close, if any are required.  Understand in what form those funds need to be brought to the closing table with. Did you wire them or do you need to bring a cashier’s check? Also, don’t forget your photo ID!

The notary will require this to sign the documents.  The most important thing however is to take your time when signing these documents. Make sure you slow down and read and understand each document that you are signing. This is a large financial transaction and it is imperative that you understand it fully. Ask all the questions that you like (no question is a silly question) and do not let anyone rush you through the process.

Once you are done, take a deep breath and celebrate, YOU DID IT!!!!!! Congratulations

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